This past Saturday we were invited to join the TrueCity ( conference at a church in our city’s downtown core. It might go down in my personal history books as one of the most inspiring and humbling moments in ministry. TrueCity is something of a grassroots movement in our hometown of Hamilton. It’s simple vision is “churches together for the good of the city”, but watching it unfold has been incredible as a group of churches reaching across denominations genuinely find ways to work together to further the Kingdom and work for the good of the place we call home. It’s nothing short of inspiring.

Pastors, elders and lay leaders from many Hamilton churches of various Christian traditions praying for our little band.

They invited us to attend the Saturday morning session “as a band” in order that the pastors, elders and leaders from roughly 20 churches across the city could pray in support of our unfolding ministry and commission us as such.

So.Very. Humbling.

It’s not about me. It’s not about us. It’s bigger than me and it’s bigger than us. It’s not about my church or Eric’s church or anybody’s church empire. It’s about the Kingdom of God. It’s about the body of Christ, the Church. And this little prayer time served as a beautiful reminder that it’s always been that way. God is good and “the bride” should be beautiful.  Can we try to keep it that way?

Yes, even on Twitter.

3 thoughts on “Churches together for the good of the city.

  1. aaron 6 years ago

    love what you’re doing.
    love the sound.
    love the praise.
    keep it up.

  2. Kelly F -Ottawa, ON, CAN 6 years ago

    This is my first blog (or anything) EVER regarding a Christian singing sensation! I am on anew and thankful walk with God and wanted to expand my faith…finally at 36 years of age. I walked into a Salem Sorheous in Ottawa, ON and happened upon listening to CDs of christian music. (Soul searching really!)
    I was hopeful, but somewhat skeptical, of what I might find. And as Christian trying to deepen my faith, and REALLY walk with GOD, I wanted to find music that I could REALLY get into. I had started listening to a Christian radio station and aklthough many songs were amazing and wondrous of Gods amazing love…they lacked the ability to REALLY excite me and ghet me singing along to them.

    Then, I listened to you guys! I could not believe my ears! This is what I have been waiting and yearning for! Your sound reminds me of Coldplay, and the sounds I heard were of such a passion that I had to buy your Cd right there!

    I now listen to you guys as often as I can. I now find my husband enjoying it and my three girls, aged 2, 5 and 8 belting out all the tunes along with me.not just Manifesto…they are all equally amazing!….HOW AWESOME IS THAT!

    Do you have any tour dates booked for the Ottawa, Ontario, Canada area yet, and/or what I could do to help. Can you please offer me any info at all that may be helpful?

    God bless you and all and thank you for passionate, uplifting, exciting music about GOD LOVE that gets me moving and singing along with you!!!!

    I am so excited that I found your website and can follow you guys. That is so exciting about the TRUE CITY conference you wrote about. Denominations agetting together to parias GOd and his unending Love for us…that is what my relationship with GOD is all about. It has no barriers of creed, nationality, age or sex…GOD is there to love us all and your faithfulness inspires me…and I only pray that God can use me to inspire others to follow his path. Isn’t that what LIVING is all about…for his glory? AMEN.

  3. C.J. 6 years ago

    Guys, I stumbled across your EP on itunes while looking around for new music. I am a worship pastor of a church in Gilbert Arizona in the East side of Phoenix Metro called Mission. Your music is unbelievable. Refreshing and deep. We will be doing some of these songs for sure. I share your views on worship for the church. Thank you for what you are doing. I know you have a great future. Hope we can bring you out to Mission sometime soon and have you lead on a Sunday. You are exact kind of band we would want to come.

    C.J. Bergmen

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